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Our Menu.

Our Menu offers a range of signature pizzas for everyone’s palette. We provide numerous dietary options so that everyone feels comfortable and can enjoy!

Read the article linked below to learn more about what we are doing to evolve the pizza industry and tailor our food to all dietary needs. 

Fresh Fired.

What makes Fiazza the best pizza in Ottawa? Firstly, we offera variety of pizza options, serving  either your creation or our signature pies – healthy gourmet ingredients, crafted by hand and fired to perfection.  Secondly, our salads are created fresh to order with a zesty inhouse dressings and our wings are flame fired with special inhouse seasoning. Thirdly, we have exclusive partnerships with local beer companies and sell Niagara Wines. Get ready to experience the Evolution of Pizza! Check out our menu below.

What's New on Our Menu?

Fiazza Wine

Fiazza Wine

It’s official. We have our very own wine to our menu! The grapes are from the old vines of Vineland Estates, which is located on the bench of the Niagara Region. Vineland Estates Winery has partnered with famous wine enthusiasts such as Kevin O’Leary. Learn more about our wine Combo. 

The Cotto Fresco is Back

The Cotto Fresco is back on our menu by popular demand. In partnership with Kichesippi Brewery, this crisp Italian Lager pairs perfectly with a freshly fired Neapolitan pizza. Purchase today at a reduced rate in our Game Day Combo.